The Pink Drink Book
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Pink Drinks- Cocktail Recipes for Women
Jaclyn Wilson Foley writes:

"Bartending is an art.  It's the art of making cocktails and mixing people.  It's the art of hospitality and creativity.  It's the art of listening and understanding.  It's the art of sales and service.  It's fashion.  It's society and sensibility.  It's patience and pouring.

When tending bar, you learn a tremendous amount about people, both good and could do without!  In my case, 99% good and only1% could do without.  The Pink Drink Book is my look at bartending and cocktails from a woman's viewpoint.  I do believe in creativity for all -- get crazy, get creative and pull out all the stops.  Let's decorate, use fun glassware, great garnishes and have fabulous times!

It's called BARTENDING and we are bartenders, not barmaids, goddesses, bargirls, Ms. Mixologists, or Master Mixologists.  We are good, hard-working and creative Bartenders.

In the selection of brands for The Pink Drink Book, I have chosen top-of-the-line products.  Always use the best ingredients to insure the best tasting cocktails.  Using the best makes the best!  There are no substitutions.

The bar business has been my life for the last 22 years.  I now have the opportunity to share with you some tips, clues, cocktails and, at the same time, help my friends at "a time for ME."

Please always remember never drink to excess.  Moderation is the key in all things.  Use good judgement not only for yourself but when serving guests.  Drinking and driving do not mix at all, ever!  The cocktails in The Pink Drink Book are for your pleasure in moderation.

I have included many websites and other books to assist you or advance your knowledge in this great art -- BARTENDING.  Enjoy The Pink Drink Book."

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